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Old Monterosso Italy


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Film noir edited image of Old Monterosso, Italy in Cinque Terre. Ah Cinque Terre has to be one of my favorite places in Italy!

Limited Edition #2 of 7 (see below)

© Imagery by Charly™ | All Rights Reserved



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Old Monterosso Italy

There are 5 villages along the Mediterranean coast of Cinque Terre. Fondly referred to as the Italian Riviera and Old Monterosso Italy is just a small part along the seaside.


Back Story

While it looked like a rainy day ahead, am off to the train station in Vernazza. Going to explore Monterosso today and trying not to let the weather deter excitement. At the station for the first train, which will put us in Monterosso, Italy just after sunrise. Strolled down to the beach to see a glorious beach and cove. To the left and right were villages. Hmmm… What direction should be explored?

Spotted the looming castle lookout, so left it was. First of all, need to capture the huge sea stack on the beach! Nature sure does out do Herself at times, because this was one of the most beautiful stacks. Sun was trying to poke through the cloud cover and noticed it was getting higher in the sky. Heading towards the lookout and an old Natzi bunker appears on the cliff below the castle lookout.

Turned around focusing on the beach and took some shots. As a result of deflecting, the sun lit up the beach. Turning back, this scene presented itself and all that came to mind was B&W film noir. Rather than seeing all the colors, everything was in black and white in my eyes. Then the sun peeked through back lighting the lookout and lit up the railing. At that moment, that was the only capture to get.

Upon returning home, the image was edited to the film noir style seen that day by the photographer. Once completed, it was liken to an old B&W movie scene. What sprang to mind, ‘Bogie enter stage left!’ Yes that is showing my age, yet beloved black and white will always spark the passion within



Print: 18″ x 12″ (45.72cm x 30.48cm)

Frame: 26″ x 20″ (66.04cm x 50.80cm)

This museum quality, silver gelatin print was masterfully handmade on Fomabrom paper for longevity & archival purposes. It is matted with 8-ply Sand Dollar Crescent Museum RagMat®; 100% Cotton, acid and lignin free



Limited Edition #2 of 7

Film noir Black and White of Old Monterosso Italy © Imagery by Charly™ | All Rights Reserved


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