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Not Able to Edit Image

Images and masks missing when opened in Edit

Using ON1 2021.6 with images I migrated from Lr 6

Original Image – Highlighted in ON1 Browse, then clicked on Layers

Masked image using Mask tool and refined, added layer using an ON1 sky background, then did some editing to it. As you can see, it’s not a .psd or .on1photo and I’m not able to throw it over to Ps nor have I been able to either

Note: I can only view this in grid; get black box when opened/enlarged in Browse

When I open the saved layered image in Edit, this is what is seen; names of images yet no images or mask.

Below are the files I have of the original image and layered one

Is there a way to open any of these files from the external hard drive they’re on and it open correctly in ON1 to edit? And any ideas why this is happening? Was it because I opened it in Layers instead of Edit or could it be a bug?