More on the Confederate Flag


More on the Confederate Flag: No Battle Flag carried or flown by any American should be banned or wiped from History!
The fact still remains that fallen American Soldiers and Citizens spilled their blood over this land
during 1861 – 1865 in the War Between the States. Their valor and memories must always be respected!

Confederate Flag on wooden door with words: Heritage, History, Honor, Not Hate

Below are some facts for everyone to research. Click on the artwork above for more educational links and to purchase a print of the artwork.

1. Anthony Johnson (freed Angolan slave) in 1655 brought forth the Casor Suit in court and was the first to have a black man legally declared as a slave; John Casor. Mr. Johnson went on to become a wealthy tobacco farmer. So an Angolan started all of this…. With the signing of the US Constitution, there was no reference to slavery within it in and slavery at the time was all over the country; black, white, brown, red, and yellow slaves, if one insists on using color of skin.

2. William Ellison aka April (freed black slave) who in the years prior to the War Between the States built an Empire in Sumter, SC. He was one of the wealthiest freed black slaves and many of his white counterparts at that time, using his skills taught to him as a slave to build cotton gins. Through his genius all other cotton gin makers went out of business, making Mr. Ellison the only one to buy them from. It didn’t stop white folks from buying them, so where was hate and racism back then? White Americans made him successful and wealthy in the South; his estate was estimated at $500,000 or more, which was a huge amount of money back then.

Mr. Ellison is also known for being a slave breeder, even though it was not looked upon favorably back then. He had about 70 black slaves when he died in December 1861. The Ellison family actively supported the Confederacy throughout the war. One of his grandsons fought for the Confederacy

3. On March 11, 1861 the Constitution of the Confederate States was unanimously signed by all. It was very close to the US Constitution save one very important thing not within the US Constitution at that time.

Article 1; Section 9; (I) The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

4. I have never found throughout my extensive research where the Congress of the Confederate States signed a surrender to dissolve and become part of the United States of America again; with all their signatures and President Davis’. The way I understand it; no one State, Military personnel, President of the USA or Gov’t can arbitrarily dissolve another Gov’t, except through occupation.

5. Those calling for or implementing any ban on a part of History is essentially doing what Hitler did: Destroying History to have the people follow blindly. During the War Between the States not all blacks were slaves in the South, some blacks owned black slaves, many blacks were landowners, free and not free slaves fought for the Confederacy. Also one should note that in the 1860 census there were over 1,500 slaves (in the North and South) that were age 100 or more; the oldest being 150 years young. If “all” of them were treated so badly, how in the world did they live to be that age? Though some of them were blind, they didn’t have modern medicine remember. People don’t live to be that old today in most cases….

6. My first finding of the Confederate Flag standing for hate and racism was when the KKK started using it. Though admittedly I haven’t research this as thoroughly as I have the War Between the States. But with this being the case, it proves it was a modern society that caused the Battleflag to be about hate and racism; not those who fought for Freedom far removed from tyranny back in 1861 under it. And that would mean all should hate the KKK’s actions not the Flag they chose to do unspeakable things under.

7. If no one wishes to fully understand why the war broke out and wishes to still do away with all that reminds them about it, then ALL of it should be removed. The Northern symbols that cite a Nation being ok with tyranny/overextending taxation and the Southern symbols that cite their disgust with it. It obviously wasn’t ONLY about slavery, if one researches History.

I am a natural born Yankee hailing from Illinois, who now lives in the great State of Texas. I have always refused to buy into the hateful and ignorant way of thinking many of my Northern counterparts do. I do NOT believe the War Between the States was about hate or racism. I do NOT believe in saying anything derogatory to any Southerner about losing the war. I believe in History remaining in tack; the good, the bad, the ugly. I never would call for anything related to “slavery” to be banned from the public eye or most of American History would be gone. I never make a decision based on emotion or what’s in the news today that has absolutely nothing to do with why the war broke out. And I am boycotting every company/corporation that is banning the Confederate Flag!