Project 1

The goal of this body of work is to push out of my comfort zone and attempt to tell the story of life as trash. No trash isn’t pretty. In fact it’s mundane everyday stuff in our lives. When first conceived as a project, the challenge would be how to look at trash from a perspective unlike ever before. To accomplish this, I had to dig deep within myself. To toss aside all the self doubts and notions of this task being not only ludicrous to me, but impossible to pull off. Spending time to find trash and decipher how I could show it as art telling a story was the first step.

Can trash evoke emotion outside of the obvious? Can images show a human like side most overlook because we just want it gone and out of our sight? Can trash really make one stop and look at it a different way? Hopefully all will be answered as you dive into the Life of Trash…

[NOTE: None of these photos were staged, but shot as I found them]

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