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Can I just copy and use an image that I like?
Simply put: No

Fact is anyone who takes a picture, with any kind of camera, owns the copyright to it. Thus is true with all of my images: I solely own the copyright no matter where on the net it’s found. You need my written permission to use legally for free or under contract. Same holds true for any of your images! Would you be happy if someone used an image of yours w/o permission, made $100,000 with its use and you made nothing? Reality: No one can survive working for free; not you or I…

Are you available for a location shoot and what would be the cost?
Yes. The cost will vary depending upon location, type of shoot, how many images you’re looking for and other particulars involved. Have current passport if travel outside the US is required. Please contact me with all the information. Shoot Reservation Fees: Local ~ $100 | Outside 100 mile radius ~ $250 | Out of State/International ~ $500 are non-refundable and covers only reserving my time

How do I make a purchase?
I personally hand sign and put the image Title, Location and Date Taken on the back of your print. I want to personally ensure the print quality myself before shipment, because satisfaction and quality are my main priorities! My store accepts Major Credit Cards and Paypal for your convenience. To find out more please see About Prints for more information. I will ready your print, pick it up personally from the printers, sign/put info on back and ship it to you. Normal turn around time, minus weekends / holidays and shipping time, will run about 3-5 days. If an issue arises, I will contact you immediately.

Images for Commercial use, please call or send me an email, with the following information:

  • Electronic or Print Use
  • Title and Size of Image(s)
  • Personal, Corporate, or Advertising Use
  • Length of Display; One time non exclusive, 1 month, six months, 1 year or other
  • If use is print: Size of Press Run
  • If use is for web page: location of image(s) ie. home page , secondary linked page or banner advertising on a secondary site

I’ll send you back a quote, as every situation will be different. Thanks!

Why are none of your images available for download?
Photography is my passion, but it’s also my career. I’m proud of my work and want to ensure my images look their very best for you to show off. That can only be accomplished through control over which lab does the printing and for me to be personally satisfied with the quality of prints you receive.

Regarding individual portrait prints: Many are up to show my work though few are for sale.

Why do the colors of my print look different from what I saw on your web site?
All monitors will render different colors, brightness and tone. Especially since monitors do not come calibrated. For instance: My black and white images might seem blue tinted on your monitor, when in fact they are pure B&W. This is another reason I do not allow downloads.

The images for purchase on my site are all edited on a calibrated monitor to get the image to look as close as possible to printed.

I like an image, but would prefer it edited differently. What can I do?
If you see an image that you would prefer in black and white or with special editing done, please contact me on what you’re looking for. I’ll do my best to assist in anyway I can.

I’m looking for a specific image. What are my options?
For a simple and clean look, I’ve opted to limit the number of images for viewing. I have over 45,000 images in my library, feel free to contact me on what you’re looking for. If we can’t find the image you seek, scheduling a shoot is another option.

If I contact you, what’s done with my information?
Your information will never be shared, sold or added to any marketing system. I’m the only one who has access and will respond to your query. If a phone exchange is required, I’ll be happy to call at your convenience.

Have a question that is not listed here?
Not a problem. Just contact me and I’ll get back to you with an answer!