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About Charly



“Natural Light … Captured! It’s awe inspiring and gives one so many options!”

~ Charly

My Story

Hi there. My name is Charly and I’ll admit I’m addicted to photography. Like most people have taken photographs off/on my whole life, but it wasn’t until traveling to Ireland that I realized I truly loved it. That trip brought out my passion for Natural Light Photography. The light, the shadows, and overall intensity that I could capture with a camera were simply astounding. Photography presented itself as more of an art form then just snapshots from life. Since that trip I have been honing my skills. Call me old fashion, but I think photographs are more striking with the absence of color. In fact, besides my digital camera, I have a couple of film camera and starting to work with large format cameras and of course only shoot B&W film.
Night at the Drive-In Movies © Imagery by Charly | All Rights Reserved
Ghost Town Gunsmith © Imagery by Charly | All Rights Reserved
These days my cameras are an extension of me; always there. Learning that although I didn’t think I was very creative, the camera was just the medium I had been searching for. I have been fortunate to receive various online community awards; including numerous IPA Lucie awards, Lucie Best in Show and a Fine Art Exhibition in Spain. Having my work recognized was humbling and has definitely been a highlight of my career. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. I am always open to new ideas and travel suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

“Black and White images allows you to get lost within it, as color distracts” ~ Charly

Experience Levels

Photo Editing
Locale Shoots
Web Design

“It’s not the equipment that creates great images, it’s the Photographer” ~ Charly


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